Elite Experts Conferences Podcast

Elite Experts Conferences Podcast

EV pioneer Gianfranco Pizzuto: 'The power and charisma of sustainability in the automotive industry and in racing‘

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2nd episode of the Elite Experts Conferences' Podcast: It is our special honor to present our next guest - an extraordinarily inspiring courageous personality and a charismatic passionate visionary Gianfranco Pizzuto!

Gianfranco is an industry veteran with more than 30 years of international business experience. In 2007 he was Fisker Automotive’s first investor and co-founder. He spent the last 13 years in the automotive industry working as inspiring consultant and covering senior positions specializing in PHEV and EV. He is the owner of the Scuderia-E brand. Gianfranco's latest top project is the creation of an Italian-Turkish Formula E team together with Mark Lander, founder of IMECAR, Massimiliano Zocchi, head of DMove.it and Armağan Arabul, founder of Elektron Innovative.

In this episode we were talking about developments in the automotive industry, innovative sustainability, e racing, higher purpose of Gianfranco's work, inspiring projects, business cooperations, lifelong learning and leadership.

Electreon: Innovative change of the angle of view by ElectReon's Dynamic Wireless Electrification System

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1st episode of the Elite Experts Conferences' Podcast: Don't optimize the EVs, optimize first of all the roads - Innovative change of the angle of view by ElectReon's Dynamic Wireless Electrification System.
Our guests in this episode are Oren Ezer and Dr. Stefan Tongur.
Oren Ezer is the CEO and Co-Founder of ElectReon. Oren has a lot of practical experience in electronic engineering at the electro-optics systems units and many other engineering areas and has already founded and managed several tech companies.
Dr. Stefan Tongur is the Business Development Manager at ElectReon. Stefan has a background in mechanical engineering and industrial management, where he also completed his PhD. He was analyzing the development of electric road systems from a business model perspective.

ElectReon Wireless Ltd. is an Israeli publicly-traded company developing an electric road system (ERS). The company is using dynamic wireless power transfer (DWPT) technology - inductive transmission via electromagnetic fields from the roadbed. The technology enables a shared infrastructure that significantly reduced the need to charge vehicle's battery during day/overnight and decreases the size of the battery, it can support any type of EVs - Buses, Trucks, passenger cars and is especially suitable for autonomous EVs.
In this episode of the Elite Experts Conferences' Podcast we talk about the development of the automotive and transportation industry, innovative thinking, business cooperations and leadership.

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Elite Experts Conferences Podcast: it is always the people who make a technology exciting, who make a brand attractive, who fill a company with corporate culture, a higher sense and vision. It's exactly these brilliant personalities from the tech world that we will present to you in our new digital format.

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