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Elite Experts Conferences Podcast

Molecular Plasma Group: Sustainable approach in composites bonding in automotive industry

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3nd episode of the Elite Experts Conferences' Podcast: It is our special honor to present our next guest: Marc Jacobs, CEO of Molecular Plasma Group. We talked with Marc about MPG's plasma technology, bonding in automotive industry, sustainability in bonding technologies, business scaling and cooperations. With the presented technology you can achieve something extraordinary: Even bonding on Teflon suddenly becomes possible!

It would be exciting to see who else will be surprised about what is possible with the new plasma technology in composite bonding. This goes in a completely different direction than what we know about classic plasma. Absolutely recommendable for everyone who is involved with bonding.

Of course you will find in this episode again very personal inspiring experiences and views of Marc as an entrepreneur, but also simply as a strong personality. Find out which significant failure was crucial for him, what drives him & why enjoying your work is so important.

Everybody who is interested in understanding cultural differences in business has also to listen to this episode, but we don't want to reveal too much.


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