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Innovating Together With Freudenberg Performance Materials

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Today it is our special pleasure to present to you the latest episode of the Elite Experts Conferences' podcast: „Innovating Together With Freudenberg Performance Materials“. Our guests in this episode are John McNabb, CTO & Tobias Speth, Application Engineer at Freudenberg Performance Materials. Freudenberg Performance Materials is a global player known for excellent products in such diverse areas. Examples include EMI shielding, battery pack liquid absorbers, gas diffusion layers for fuel cells, underbody shields, and interior applications like acoustic pads, cargo screens, carpet backings and headliner facings - all kind of solutions that make vehicles more cost-efficient, climate-friendly and comfortable. In this episode, however, we have focused specifically on the automotive industry and one of the latest innovations: friction enhancement materials, namely Friction Inserts. Dive into this new exciting episode and find out together with us what properties friction enhancement materials have, where they are used, what the typical projects for the use of this technology look like and of course what the most unusual projects look like. Furthermore, we focused on the lightweight effect of this technology and John and Tobias answered a lot of questions and gave real-life examples of how measurable the effect of Friction Inserts is. Anyone who has to deal with lightweight construction challenges in the field of e mobility and micromobility, or who wants to achieve greater force transmission by increasing the coefficients of friction in other mechanical areas, should definitely listen in - it's worth it. Of course, as always, we also discovered the exciting personalities behind the job titles, and it is brilliant how well John and Tobias complemented each other in conversation. We also highlighted the outstanding story of how this innovation Friction Inserts is entangled with a startup. We don't want to reveal too much, but we'll go ahead and say that it will be of interest to the startup world as well as global players. An example of the innovative mindset par excellence.


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